Myanmar/ Burma – EU Foreign Affairs Council

Excerpts from the daily press briefing by Bernard Valero, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesman (Paris, 24th April 2012) :

In order to respond to the transition initiated by President Thein Sein, the EU Foreign Affairs Council, which met yesterday in Luxembourg, decided to suspend the restrictive measures against Burma, with the exception of the arms embargo.

This decision was adopted for a period of one year. On the expiry of this deadline the sanctions regime will be lifted, unless an explicit decision is made to the contrary by the Council. Between now and April 2013, the Council is free to reinstate the sanctions or to lift them in advance, depending on developments in the situation in Burma.

We remain particularly attentive to the problems that continue to exist: the detention of a certain number of political prisoners and the ongoing clashes between the army and the Kachin minority in particular; we would like to see positive developments regarding all these issues.

NLD parliamentarians would like to see guarantees with respect to the scope of the constitutional process and consequently did not participate in the opening session of parliament.

We have taken note of the statements made by President Thein Sein to the press. NLD representatives must be able to participate in parliamentary work and be assured that the process will be pursued to the fullest extent possible. Of course, it’s up to the Burmese people to swiftly resolve this issue.

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