Important notice to all visa applicants: online appointment scheduling

Starting March 15th 2015, it will be mandatory for every visa applicant to request an appointment in order to submit a visa application at the Visa Section of the Embassy of France. Appointments will be granted exclusively through an online application on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, all visa applicants will need to register for an appointment by connecting to the following website prior to submitting their visa application:

A specific procedure is implemented for groups of more than seven persons travelling together as well as for people holding official and diplomatic passports. Inquiries shall be directed to the Visa Section of the Embassy of France by calling the following numbers:

(01) 212 178 - 212 520 - 212 523.

Short-stay visa applications for Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and Swiss Confederation submitted through the Visa Section of the Embassy of France will also require the use of the new Visa Appointment System.

ေရးသားသည့္ရက္စြဲ 03/03/2015