IFB, the best place to learn French in Myanmar: 50% OFF on the French Language courses


IFB, the best place to learn French in Myanmar!

The Institut Français de Birmanie – French Institute (former Alliance Française) has been offering French classes to all public for more than 50 years and has developed the best expertise in teaching French in Myanmar. We have the richest French course catalogue available, from great beginner levels to expert levels, from general French classes to specialized ones (French for Tourism, and more).
Our teachers at IFB are highly qualified local and native French speakers holding French as Foreign Language degrees and enjoying regular specific training to update their knowledge and class techniques. Every classrooms are equipped with Interactive boards bringing state-of-the-art technology in courses to make learning French both more fun and more efficient.
IFB is a joyful multicultural and multilingual community sharing their interest and passion for French language and culture.
If you wish to learn French rather quickly our semi-intensive package will enable you to improve quickly while allowing the time necessary to assimilate the new knowledge.

5 months only to complete the first level (A1)

- 5 months to complete A1 level (5 hours per week)
- 5 months to complete A2 level (5 hours per week)
- 8 months to complete B1 level (5 hours per week)
- 8 months to complete C1 level (5 hours per week)
- 8 months to complete C2 level (5 hours per week)

General French Proficiency & Official Diplomas DELF&DALF

- 4 skills from beginners to advanced (A1>C2)

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IFB, the best expertise in teaching French in Myanmar

  1. Expertise of the instructors: Our teachers are all qualified in the field of Teaching French as a Foreign Language;
  2. International Diplomas: IFB is the only recognized examination center in Myanmar for International DELF/DALF/TCF examinations, the official diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education. It’s your ticket to studies in France and Scholarship programs!
  3. INNOVATION & Updated methods: We are using the latest technologies for more interaction in class; to learn a language, one must speak it. IFB uses the communicative way of teaching French to its students.
  4. Centre of French culture: Through regular art exhibits, and other special events, IFB is the destination for culture in Yangon!
  5. Socializing: Make new friends by attending our classes, having a drink in our gorgeous garden or during our events!

Class Schedules

- Morning, evening and weekend classes – All levels (from A1 to C2)
- Please call us to get the schedules for the next session.

Class fees - 50% OFF for the beginner level until July 5!

150$ instead of 300$ for 5 months courses and to complete A1 level (5h / week)


July 14 to Sept 27 / Enrollment June 23 -July 5

Oct 06 to Dec 20 / Enrollment Sept 8-22

ENROLL NOW for ongoing sessions or next sessions

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