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Summary of the evaluation

1. Purpose :
The purpose of this evaluation is to examine the implementation of the French Embassy 2017-2018 program in support to civil society in Myanmar (PISCCA program), and to provide lessons learned and recommendations for future programming. This evaluation will focus on the PISCCA program as a whole and on five out of a total of fifteen micro-projects supported under the PISCCA program.

2. Duration :
This evaluation is expected to take approximately 45 calendar days.

3. Estimated Dates :
Beginning of November to mid-January.

4. Geographical Location :
This evaluation will be mainly carried out in Yangon, with one or two missions outside of Yangon (one mission to Central Rakhine State and possibly another one to Shan State or Mandalay Division).

5. Methodology :
ToR can be found in annex I
The proposed methodology will include document review and interviews with : key staff of the Embassy, key staff of the supported NGO to be evaluated and with beneficiaries of the five micro-projects to be evaluated.
Deliverables : one inception note, one evaluation report for each of the five micro-projects to be evaluated, one evaluation report for the overall evaluation of the PISCCA program and one short document summarizing lessons learned and recommendations.
The methodology described in the ToR is open to discussion. Applicants are invited to propose alternative methodologies.

6. Evaluation Management Team :
This evaluation will be managed by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French Embassy in Yangon (SCAC). The selection of the evaluator(s) along with the validation of the inception plan and of the final reports will be approved by the steering committee of the PISCCA program (composed by personnel of the French Embassy and of the French Agency for Development).

7. How to apply :
Applications should be sent before the 15th of October, 8 AM, to the following email address : Mrs Jeanne Berger ( and Mr Philippe Devaud (

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