Attack on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo (January 7, 2015)


Following the attack carried out against the Charlie Hebdo magazine this morning, during which at least 12 people were killed, François Hollande visited the scene and denounced what he described as an exceptionally barbaric act.
He announced that the Vigipirate terrorist threat measures had been raised to their highest level in Île-de-France (Paris region). A meeting was held at 2pm today with the ministers concerned, at the Élysée Palace.

The President of the French Republic said that “no barbaric act will ever stifle the freedom of the press. We stand together as a united country and we will respond.”
He addressed the nation on january 7 at 8pm.

Statement by Mr. François Hollande, President of the Republic, regarding the attack against Charlie Hebdo (07.01.15)

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Charlie Hebdo/shootings – Statements by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic (07.01.15)

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