Applying for a French visa in Myanmar

Visa applications submitted in Myanmar are processed by the French Embassy in Yangon.

How to apply for a visa at the French embassy in Myanmar

Myanmar citizens or foreigners with residency in Myanmar need to apply for a Schengen visa to enter Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Czech Republic for less than 90 days and to France for both short stay and Long stay.

  • For short term visa (less than 90 days), you should apply at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.
  • For a long stay visa (more than 90 days), you should apply at least 1 month prior to your trip.
    However, it cannot be submitted more than 6 months prior to your planned visit. It is the responsibility of the applicant to take the necessary precautions in terms of respecting deadlines when an appointment system is in place.
  • Certain types of visa require special checks (e.g. civil status, etc.) or consulting different French authorities, which may extend the processing time.

Please make sure you have all the supporting documents for your visa application before coming to the French Embassy.

If the application is not completed, your application will not be accepted.

The visa service receives visa application for any citizenship including Burmese nationality on the following schedule :

CATEGORY 1 : (Tourism and Visiting Friends or Family) :
CATEGORY 2 : Transit (Seaman), Business purpose and Medical reasons ;
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday : the first 20 applicants between 8.30am to 12am.
Applicants will then wait until an agent is available to review their application.

However, for Switzerland visa applications, the Embassy of France is not competent for :

  • Applications for short-stay visa connected to gainful employment (including drivers and journalists)
  • Applications for short stay visa connected to studies
  • Applications for short stay visa connected to medical reason
  • Applications of diplomatic and service passports holders that are not citizens of Myanmar
  • Applications of non-Myanmar passport holders travelling to Switzerland for official reasons including participation at international conferences

CATEGORY 3 : For the spouses and children of French nationality and EU citizen, official passports of any citizenships, religious visit and Long Stay Visa Category (for a period exceeding 3 months in France) : Only on TUESDAY from 9am to 12am.

CATEGORY 4 : Group of 7 person and more for any purpose’s) of the journey please contact to Visa section with detail Itineraries and name list in minimum 2 months prior to your trip.

You will find information on the fees and more generally, the most accurate information for your visa application, please visit the official website France -Visa

You can also come to the entrance of the French Embassy to get the required supporting documents list in Burmese language according to your purpose of the trip (but no explanation will be given) from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

Depending on your country of nationality and the time of the year, please allow sufficient time of at least 15 days between the submission of your file and the answer.

Applicants are asked to anticipate their visa application process in relation to their departure date.

The plane ticket purchased and confirmed as well as the insurance certificate are mandatory.

publié le 20/11/2023

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